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The Misaligned Monkey

What if your thoughts are not yours?

Reengineer your relationship with your Monkey* and build the life you really want

Reader’s Comments

“I just feel different, better, more in charge, more ‘aligned’. ”

“Who’d have known you could do this”

“Like you said in the book, my Monkey has now become my cheerleader and a great resource”

“I hoped that my scores would change and yes they did. I now have a clarity and focus I never experienced before.”

“I hope your book is helping others in the same way it helped me. ”

“For a better practice people need to let go of more traditional views of dealing with thoughts and with the Monkey. This is not engagement as we know it. The exercises in the book helped me to understand  what is required and what I needed to do to set up this new way of working and achieve the changes I experienced.”

*The “Chattering” Monkey is held to be the cause of all those traditionally unwanted thoughts that arrive at inopportune moments to steal our focus and undermine our confidence. – It doesn’t have to be this way.

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