Challenge Course Materials

Challenge Course Materials

We will send you timely emails each week that provide links to what you will need when you need it. Following this programme is the best way for most people to get  the job done effectively.

But – should you have* to do this differently you can download everything you need from here:

Exercise Audios

EX 1 – Meet Your Monkey

EX 2 – The Power Of A Focus

EX 3 – What Drives Your Monkey

EX 4 – Asking The Monkey for Help

EX 5 – If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail

EX 6 – Moving to Viewpoint Three

EX 7 – Exploring Viewpoint Three

EX 8 – Exploring Interuptions and Distractions

EX 9 – Making A List

EX 10a – Preparation for the Formal Chat

EX 10b – More and Less Of

EX 11 – The First Formal Chat

EX 12 a – Future Pacing with the Monkey the Destination

EX 12 b – Future Pacing with the Monkey the Plan

Exercise 15 All day awareness from view point three xxxxxxx

Bonus Recordings

Bonus 1 – Introduction to the Misaligned Monkey

Bonus 2 – Misaligned Monkey Concept Refresher

Bonus 3 – Free time at view point 3 Challenge Version

Bonus 4 – Expectations for Challenge Success

Bonus 5 – Week Five Bonus Track

Bonus 6 – Week Ten – Make a Choice now

Bonus 7 – Instant View point three

Bonus 8 – Recording Real Results

Useful Links

Monkey relationship survey to assess how your relationship has improved from taking the challenge.

Challenge page on Facebook to share your experience and connect with others who are taking the challenge. Misaligned Monkey monitors the Facebook page and will respond to specific questions where possible.

Weekly details


Challenge Course timetable 2022

*We are keen to let you have what you need when you need it – but ………..


There is a word of warning 

The challenge is designed to help you through the 12 weeks – our evidence is that giving all exercises upfront can be overwhelming and can tempt some people to try out later exercises too early in their journey. The exercises build systematically and it can be tempting to skip or rush ahead. You know what works for you best and so as we can’t be there with you we have decided to give you all the exercises now in one place.

Please use them wisely and fairly:

Wisely – if you jump ahead and then struggle your challenge may take longer and you may need to retrace some steps to get the full affects of each stage.

Fairly – Don’t let people try out your exercises without having read the book or progressed through the earlier exercises  – you will cheat them out of the full experience.

If they are short of money contact us and we will help – if not get them to read the book and then sign up to their own challenge and follow the process we have designed to let you get the results you want.

The affects are cumulative …………

The programme design works and our evidence suggests you are less likely to get the full bang for your bucks if you shortcut the process………..