Distraction and Success is all internal ?

Distraction and Success

At Sales Academy we saw many people who were living lives with  discontented average results. Many were like the dog lying on the nail

their results were often limited and curtailed by there own internal thoughts and thinking.

Time and again, discussion with many of our delegates revealed the simple fact emerged that they were more successful when they were more single-minded and less distracted.

Yet few had plans and strategies to achieve or maintain this state of mind and even those who did struggled to do it permanently.

Limitations in our awareness and our focus, caused by distraction, can be traced to an issue with an internal dialogue, a distraction which takes us off piste, often at the most critical of times.

Even when the distraction starts externally it is our internal dialogue that turns this in to something that bothers us.

If we don’t react to an external event it does not and cannot distract us.

It is the thoughts we have about something from the present, the past or even your imagined future that disrupt or enhance our endeavours and our thinking.

Nowhere is this more pronounced than in meditation practice where we aim to sit with an empty or silent mind. Anyone who has tried to sit for 5 or 10 minutes ignoring the stream of internal thoughts will know how difficult this is.

Just as we can experience a thought stream that causes us to suffer from distraction and interruption we can also enhance our internal experience with positivity and uplifting thoughts.

Once the Monkey understands how to help and what help looks like the tide can be reversed and those interruptions and distracting inputs can be understood and reframed into the very substance of our success.

Accepting that your experience of Distraction and your levels of Success are all driven by internal factors frees you to approach success and living differently. This acceptance means you can begin to see the fundamental importance of   reengineering your relationship with your Monkey. How this changes your experience of now and how this is the first step in changing your results.

The three steps :

  • Assess your current relationship using our survey and repeat this as you
  • Read or listen to the book
  • Implement the challenge