First challenge underway January 2023

We are off!

After nearly two years of sorting out the website, Facebook and Amazon we are now pretty close to launch.

To start to populate the Facebook page and to test the systems and contents we have offered a trial –

Big Thanks

to some open minded folks who have  joined the first challenge which is now under way.

Challenge Actions

The first task is reading The Misaligned Monkey.  E book here 

15 people from the Challenge group have downloaded the book and started reading

Second task is downloading trial version of the Challenge here 

1 personfrom the Challenge group so far has signed up to the challenge

Next stages are to do with taking the survey (2  from the Challenge group so far) and joining the Facebook group – no takers yet

We’re in process of working out best way to gather feedback and currently this looks like a quick survey with ticks and scores.

It’s early days but as they say

                                                               Slowly, slowly, catchy Monkey!!!

If you want to join in and play now …….

The bad news is that we are unable to offer the book free – we only get 5 days in every 90 – however currently the challenge itself is still free and if you want to have a go we suspect the book price won’t be a barrier ?

Recommended Approach

Read the book first now on Amazon  (£1.99 E book and Paperback is £8.99)

Then purchase the challenge trial (currently free in shop)

This starts a diary driven email flow that provides the right exercises on the right days.

On week four for those who are impatient it also provides downloads to all challenge materials