As part of our wind up to a formal launch we will offer a number of free experiences. Providing chances to read the book or to get the Challenge.

Amazon let us offer our books for free on Kindle every 90 days for 5 days or so. The next scheduled free offer for the Misaligned Monkey freebie is for 2 days on the 27 / 28 December Amazon book shelf 

We will also offer a free challenge sign up see the shop or via the Facebook page.

At the moment the Facebook page is there but a bit empty and obviously we need to get this working to help you through your Challenge experience and beyond. If you going the Facebook group now and post your scores, thoughts  and tips we will offer a free membership option once the membership section is ready. This will provide more freebies and some extra links and down loads.

Long term Low Cost option

We want to make sure the challenge is available to those who want it or need it irrespective of their financial situation –

We also want to get the challenge results out there and want to find some enthusiastic souls who will share results with us and others so we have two ‘no brainer’ options if you want to take part in the challenge but lack funds.

If you want a low cost option consider helping us by sharing your scores and experience with us. we may also ask you to test and play with new stuff as it comes upon stream.

You can always contact us via Facebook if you want or need anything if it makes sense we will try to help.


Seasons greetings to those of you who party this time of year.