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We have a number of formal paid for options that provide you with help to implement


These are


Bare boat tapes and timetable

With a System. the 12 week challenge

With community support (Facebook private page via a code

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The 12 Week challenge

We appreciate that some people are keen to progress and want a guided experience to help implement the ideas they have read or listened to in the Misaligned Monkey book.

The 12-week Monkey Alignment challenge is for those who want to be led through these exercises systematically. The challenge will guide you through a 12-week programme so you don’t have to organise it for yourself.

This guided Monkey challenge will help you navigate the steps outlined in both teh written and audio book. It’s a logical next step and  includes a weekly activity timetable for each of the twelve weeks. You will be drip fed what to do when and timely hints and tips you can relax and just get on with the work. In addition to some new downloads, it consists of 12 – 15 emails spread over the 12-week period. It’s a simple quick way to complete the process and reengineer the relationship you currently have with your Monkey

The challenge also contains a full set of new bespoke recordings that advance and build on those exercises outlined below and in the book. The challenge recordings are immersive audio recordings and they allow us to offer a complete guided exercise experience in 25 minutes or so each designed to delivered next step in the journey to a better relationship.

Listen to this introduction to the challenge while you read on – it will help however you choose to move on.