Looking for challenge participants who will share results

The 12 Week Challenge.

As you may know we have created a 12 week challenge to help you implement what’s in the book.

Most people are playing with it on the own and although we have had some encouraging emails we would like to know more about your progress through each of the 12 weeks. Its a fine line we tread between bombarding you with lots of information and keeping it simple and focussed and it would be good to get some formal weekly feedback about how it’s going what you are feeling and your scores on the relationship survey.

As part of our start up process in 2023 we are offering a free challenge to those who will share their scores and experiences with us.

The offer is made on our new  Facebook Misaligned Monkey Challenge Group page 

It’s early days but we are working make this a place to share survey scores hints tips and experiences as you work your way through the challenge.

To get the most from the Challenge, you should have read or listened to the book first. Paperback is best because you can write all over it’s also available on Audible and Kindle.  From time to time, when we are allowed to on Amazon we will also offer Kindle downloads at no cost.

Get the book here 

We have some good feedback so far :

“I hoped that my scores would change and yes they did and  I now have a clarity and focus I never experienced before.”

“The exercises were so much easier to follow using the challenge recordings.

“It was a sweet surprise. I’ve been waffling over a tough decision for the past few weeks and my Monkey has been quite noisy. During our chat today, I asked her for advice and she told me to stay firm in my decision even though I might lose most of my friends. Then she reached out and grabbed my hand to comfort me. She assured me that I was doing the right thing and that I needed to believe in myself. Her advice these past few weeks has been spot-on: friends who will vilify me for my decision are not my friends.”

“Like you said in the book about your Monkey, my Monkey has now become my cheerleader and a great resource”

“I hope your book is helping others in the same way it helped me. But people need to let go of traditional views of the Monkey and use the exercises in the book to understand and have the changes I experienced. It’s a small price to pay after all no-one really knows what the truth is.”

“The emails drip fed me with what I needed when I needed it.”

“I usually pick and choose with things like this and don’t always work the plan to get the full effect. I made a choice to do what the emails asked me to do, in 12 weeks my scores changed by over 100 points”

“I just feel different, better, more in charge more ‘aligned’. Who’d have known you could do this”

“12 weeks flew by and now everything feels better.”

“You will be pleased to know that although my Monkey’s  chatter still exists it makes more sense and is more useful after learning how to work with her.”