Misaligned Monkey Exercise advanced audio pack



These are the audio recordings we have recorded for the challenge. Some people have asked if we will provide them outside of the challenge format and so here they are.

These tracks are designed to guide you through an upgraded version of the exercises outlined in the book. These updated specially designed sessions lead your through each exercise. A mixture of specially recorded audio music and voice give you all you need to complete each exercise. For best effect aim to complete the exercises in sequence moving on as you achieve the objectives of each. Don’t rush, take your time and listen to those you need to several times.

These recordings build on each other sequentially to allow you to understand the next and to achieve the objectives specified for the later exercises. Best results seem to accrue after 10 -14 weeks of regular practice.

You can find an overview of the exercises covered here.

This product is for those who want to save some cash and manage their own Misaligned Monkey exercise programme alongside the book.

If you want the complete guided challenge experience with a number of additional challenge recordings then  buy the challenge pack instead .