Six Success Questions

Six Dimensions of Success Assessment

The results from this exercise will help you prioritise your efforts. Those who Score high on each of these dimensions do better than those who score low. It's easy to focus your efforts and get better scores. Better scores will speed your progress significantly. We will email you your current scores and some suggestions on what you can do next to let you manage and prioritise your activity. Take it regularly as you move forward to see your progress.

The Six Success Dimensions we use are:

  1. Know where you are going
  2. Know why you are going there
  3. Understand the price you will have to pay
  4. Decide to pay the price
  5. Pay the right price
  6. Keep and eye on where you are going

Lower scores indicate which dimension you need to work on first

Work through the 30 questions quickly. Your first response is good enough, typically it takes less than 3 minutes to complete the whole thing!

The answers give you a simple choice:






Just tick the box that reflects your current situation with regard to each statement  -

Just go for it and let the algorithm take the strain and give you an answer to work with.


30 Questions less than 3 Minutes - Go