Monkey Relationship Survey

Welcome to the  Monkey Relationship Survey

If you are taking the 12 week Challenge please complete the survey on the last day of each week so you can see your progress. This survey is free to use and you are welcome to use it as often as you like.

To see your progress keep a record of each result in a safe place -  there is a template for this on the site if you need it.

Quick guide -

We ask you to score each statement with a '0 to 10' score - run with your first impressions and then watch the changes as you continue to read the book and complete the exercises.

Don't overthink -  There is no right answer - your trend scores are what matter.

Just taking the survey regularly helps you think differently about what happens in your head and forms part of the overal change process.

If you find it hard to choose a score,  just follow your gut, your instinct or your first idea.

Trust yourself, the survey works well to give you trend information that will reflect the changes you create in your relationship with your Monkey.

Best advice?   "Take the survey every week and watch the trends."

If you follow the plan outlined in the book or supported by the challenge over twelve weeks, we expect your results to show clear improvements. Share any experiences, scores and hints and tips on our Facebook challenge page 

Nature of the Survey -

We use 42 statements to evaluate the nature of the relationship you  currently have with your Monkey.

Simply rate each statement between  0 - 10 where a score of 0 means ‘no or not at all’ and a score of 10 means ‘yes or completely’.

Rating the 42 statements will take you less than 10 minutes

The total combined score gives you a measure of the quality of the relationship you currently enjoy with your Monkey.

For a supported 12 week focus you can sign up to the Challenge  here 



I am working on what really counts to me 

I have a clear idea of what I am doing with my life

I have a clear idea of why I do what I do

I feel what I am doing suits every part of me

All of me pulls together to help me achieve what I want to achieve

I feel completely focussed on my destination 

If I set out to do something I am confident I will do it

I spend most of my time doing things that help me get what I want

I believe my Monkey is on my side

I believe my Monkey understands what I want 

I believe my Monkey is considering when to interrupt

I believe my Monkey brings me thoughts that help me

I believe my Monkey understands what I am doing 

I believe my Monkey brings me thoughts, ideas and comments to encourage me

I believe my Monkey understands interruptions are sensitive 

I believe my Monkey understands how best to help me

I believe my Monkey understands that sometimes rules must be broken

I believe my Monkey and I are working together

I believe that I can influence the degree of distraction in my head

I find sitting with a quiet empty mind easy

I can easily ignore outside distractions

I feel happy just being me

I feel I can easily say no when I want to say no

I can choose whether to get involved with external distractions or not

I can say no without agonising over it

I can start a task or job and remain focussed till its done

I can avoid getting distracted when I need to

I am not easily distracted

I always find it easy to say yes when I want to say yes

I feel positive about my future

I don’t usually procrastinate

I feel that I am good at balancing any demands on my time

I feel I can make decisions and forget about them

I feel I can manage the internal dialogue in my head

I find it easy to give up methods that are not working

I tell myself the truth

I have a good grasp on why I do what I do

I have a good grasp of what is really happening and how I think about it

I am able to make decisions quickly and easily

Thanks for taking the Misaligned Monkey Survey

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