Re-engineer your relationship with your Monkey

Our Monkey – the orchestrator or author of the thought streams in our heads –

What’s the situation between you and your Monkey?

Are they friend or foe?

  • How does it feel in your head space?
  • Do you work together?
  • Is your Monkey your cheer leader?
  • Do they regular bring you well times observations and factoids that help?
  • Is it a relationship that works?
  • A relationship you enjoy and feel good about?

Nobody told us

We get born with no manual on how to get the best from our bodies or our minds. We pick up clues and do the best we can.

Sometimes we get used to things as they are and we can end up putting up with what is an intolerable situation. You’ve grown up with your Monkey in your head. You may see the way things are as inevitable, uncontrollable and you may just have got on with your life putting up with a relationship with your Monkey that is less than helpful.

It often takes a leap of faith to get a clear fresh look and work out things need to change.

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