The architect of your thoughts is trying to help

Your greatest asset?

Your Monkey wants you to know that they could be your greatest asset.

If you take a moment to consider this possibility and watch the Monkey talk over the next few days with an open mind you might be amazed at what you see.

When you consider the possibility of your Monkey as capable helper, trusted friend or invested coach, you will begin to see that most of the issues between you can be explained in terms of poor communication, poor relationship and/or separate agendas.

Reading this together with an open mind sows the possibility of a whole new way of interacting with each other.

This is something that your Monkey will welcome with open arms.

If you start looking, you will start to see changes happening immediately and you will both interpret events differently:

  • Any changes you witness confirms the possibility that your Monkey is so much more than a chattering fool.
  • Any changes your Monkey witnesses confirms the possibility that you are willing to listen and re-evaluate the relationship.

As you read this, so does your Monkey and, together, you could now accept the possibility of a successful future combining the strengths both of you bring, to deliver the life you really want.

Just reading the book and seeing the possibilities it offers makes a difference ………..

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