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Time to start engineering your relationship with your Monkey

Congratulations on choosing to get the job done in 12 weeks

We will be with you every step of the way over the next 12 weeks and will automatically email you new links, extra material and audios that will help you implement the changes that you read about in the Misaligned Monkey.

This page provides you with all the input you need to make a great start. Particularly if you have not read the book recently, make sure you listen to the recordings we have for you here.

Start this challenge as you mean to go on clear that you will get it done and clear that the results will be transformational. Your commitment will inspire your Monkey to get involved too as we take you step by step through the journey outlined in the book.


We suggest you read through this page but If you just want to miss out on all these words of wisdom. Week one links are  here 

About the Exercises

These exercises can be and are more powerful than the those in the book. This is  because we are with you, we get to whisper in your ears all the way through each session helping you to stay on track and  to achieve the objectives set.

We start slow, getting you in the habit of listening and into the routine of your challenge  don’t underestimate the groundwork covered in the early exercises as they build through out the twelve weeks to give you a new range of valuable and practical skills you can use anywhere and everywhere. Week 6, 7 and 8 is where you are on the verge of obvious success but may have to keep the faith and stick with it. You can read experience of others on the group page on Facebook links below.

Some of you may want to just want to get stuck straight in and this is you. Consider what we said in the book about doing different things or things differently, to get different results –

If you still choose to jump straight in  these three things that have emerged from the feedback we have so far :

  1. Taking a little time at the start to set things up well will save you time over the 12 weeks and will get you better results
  2. Even some preparation is better than none ……
  3. As a minimum plan your schedule for the next 12 weeks and perhaps include a little time for checking out extras we give you – they are there because they give you better results.

Still keen to go ?     Week one links   here 


Background and set up

Challenge Mechanics  


Audio  – The nature of the challenge  – listen here while you read on :


Keeping it conscious

Many of the Sales Academy delegates who attended our programmes and successfully implemented real changes that helped them live more of the life they wanted kept the idea of change conscious. The simplest way to do this is to do something concrete every day. Even better if you do it at a fixed time. This simple act is a way of talking to yourself that the whole of you picks up and responds to.

In practice we also found that the constant drip of activity every day tends to work better than a longer session once or twice a week.

Many delegates told us that setting up a daily practice felt like they were doing something for themselves. This was not a ‘job’ or a ‘to do’, rather this was a choice, something they had decided to do to make their situation better. Seeing t challenge as a way of liberating your own me time is a useful mindset to power you through the set up process. As we progress we can also take a little Tim etc consider what you could use this time for once the challenge is complete. Although a reengineered relationship with your Monkey is reward enough, the establishment  of an ongoing practice that gives you the time to do things that matter for you cannot over valued.

The 12 week timetable is available  Challenge timetable 2022

Recommendations for challenge success

Know what it’s worth to you to succeed

Even if you are now determined to see this through, for most of us, it helps to have some extra horsepower available to help us over any unforeseen intrusions or set backs. Having a clear picture of what you will get from a building a successful relationship with your Monkey will provide energy and steadfastness if and when you need it. We recommend you plan and commit to investing 30 minutes of your time every day for the 12-week period.

As you respond to the survey questions you may find that you get insights from the answers you don’t tick What would your life be like if you could score a couple of points higher on any or all questions?

Tasting or envisioning the possible rewards in advance will help you  make it happen.


Make it easy to win

Do this by taking the time to plan what you are going to do when.

Do this by organising – having what you need set up ready to use.

Do this by having regular scheduled activity  – It’s easier to set up and, it leaves you with less chance of missing a slot.


If you, can it will also help you if you can link the sessions to something you already do regularly, something that you are unlikely to miss. As an example, eating is something most of us do regularly.  If you could complete the challenge activities before or after your meal it helps you remember, get in the habit and see the challenge through.

You can use anything you do now on a daily basis to embed your challenge activity into your existing routines or habits. After a few days you’ll get used to the demands of the new routine and by the end of the 12 weeks it will be business as usual.

Be Gentle with yourself

If you miss a slot or fall off your schedule don’t sweat it!  Just move on, get back on the programme and keep going. If you do this you will win.


Key Monkey Concepts and Ideas

It’s also worth refreshing the key concepts and language before you start  – 30 minutes

This 30-minute session outlines some of the background to The Misaligned Monkey and provides a common language we can use to progress our conversations and help you reengineer your own relationship with your Monkey. This provides a great summary or refresh of what you have read in the Misaligned monkey book.


We cover the ideas of:

  1. The Misaligned Monkey
  2. Model of the world
  3. Destinations
  4. Success
  5. Messages to you and your Monkey
  6. Shared perspectives and understanding


We know what we think affects what we get so it’s a great idea to refresh these ideas and the thinking that sits behind the Misaligned monkey before you start the challenge. This is particularly true if you are not sure about the possibility that your Monkey could and would help you if circumstances were favourable.


or download for later here

The timetable

Note if you have a history of starting things and then not really giving up but letting them just fade away resist modifying this timetable.

Each week follows a similar format:

On Days 1 -6 we complete exercises from the book with a couple of additions that will help you move on faster. Each daily 30-minute slot usually consist of a couple of minutes preparation, the day’s planned activity and then a couple of minutes to review and make any notes you need.

On Day 7 we take a moment to see how it’s going, review what we have accomplished and plan for the next week.

This Day 7 activity means we take some quiet time, complete the relationship survey to get a new score, take time to plan for the upcoming week, and make any notes you feel are relevant.

The 12 week timetable is available  Challenge timetable 2022

Even if you have an existing practice in a related area

  • relaxation
  • mindfulness
  • meditation
  • visualisation
  • energy / healing

We suggest you don’t shortcut our process. It’s designed to work progressively and systematically. You can look at the 12 weeks as three blocks of 4 each building towards the final results you will get. There will be plenty of scope later to make the most of all your existing practice.


Most of the exercises supported with a downloadable audio to power you through the exercises . Although the exercise in the book give you enough information to follow its much easier with a headset on relaxing as the instructions help you through the process.

The audio programme creates a progressive development path which is fed to you each week via email designed and timed to arrive just as you need them.

Your Expectations

If you have read the book recently, you will probably remember how significant expectations are in driving the results. The is also true for the 12 week challenge. Your expectations alter both what you notice and how you interpret what you notice.  To avoid wasting time it’s worth making sure your expectations are at least neutral if not positive. Having an open mind will enable you to noice early positive results listening to this 10 minute recording first will help you set up your expectations effectively and will supercharge your results.


Useful Challenge links

Facebook challenge group set up in late 2022 to help us share experiences tips and progress – It’s a good place to record and share your survey scores Facebook Group

If you need it, the list of exercise recordings are here  Audio Exercises

Each recording is between 20 and 30 minutes long and they provide you with a guided pathway through the 12 week challenge.

Monkey Relationship Survey here 

The 12 week timetable is availableChallenge timetable 2022

Weekly page links

There are bespoke pages for each week of the challenge we will email you a link each week for you to access links downloads to all that you need.

Week one links are  here