The Misaligned Monkey

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Beliefs are not all true

Some of the truths we all accept and work by are so ingrained it can take an effort to relook at them critically. This is especially true of those that have been about so long that we have almost forgotten they are only one option.

In ‘A short history of nearly everything,’ Bill Bryson points out that every fifty years or so much of what we know proves to be wrong. Still its hard to say we were wrong or we didn’t get it quite right and there’s a reason Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale used an innocent child to point out the fact that the Emperor had no clothes on.

There’s one of these truths that has stood the test of time even though it doesn’t seem to have any real practical value or help us much.

We are talking about that voice in our head, the apparently distracting thought stream that many know as the Monkey.

Invested People

It’s not so easy overturning the views of invested people and we don’t want to change or attempt to change anything that works for you. However if an established truth doesn’t work in practice then it feels reasonable to have a look at other options.

You would think that this might just let everyone get on with doing things in a way that works best for them but it’s not going to be so straightforward and already we have had a few emotional responses from people who are defending their view of the world and how it works.

When it comes to Monkeys, no one really knows what they are how they work or even if they exist separately.

New ideas

As pragmatists this whole area of debate, based on assumptions and few facts  is of no real interest to us.

All we say is –

If what you do works do it – 

If what you do doesn’t work time then its high time to try on a new idea or belief and see if your results improve……


Enter the Misaligned Monkey.


Depending on your beliefs, our position at the pinnacle of evolution or the result of Gods design how could this Monkey phenomena be anything other than useful?

So how did we ever get to believe that this voice in our head was a chattering fool to be ignored at all costs?

There can be no doubt that the Monkey chatter causes us to be distracted and lose focus slowing our achievement of what it is we think we want to do but does this really mean our Monkey brains are of no value and just a nuisance?

Surely its more likely that the ancient methods we still use to approach the situation are largely ineffective or worse still generate the problem we have when we try to concentrate?

This book dares to say what many of us have been feeling –

Suppose this is all a hideous mistake? Suppose the Monkey is a victim of a bad press and has had been misunderstood misrepresented and misaligned for thousands of years?

Suppose that the way we traditionally think about this has limited our approach and guaranteed that the Monkey responds in a way that supports the bad press?

Suppose it’s a self-fulfilling loop but there is a way to break out of it?


The Book

Drawing on the experience of 25 years working with thousands of delegates in courses run by Sales Academy Ltd Tim Powell pieces together an alternative option.

Suppose your Monkey is in fact the best thing since we developed an opposable thumb?

Suppose that until now we have just not yet understood how to make use of this valuable asset effectively?

In a book full of interesting ideas, tools and techniques this book offers you the chance to revolutionise what goes in inside your head in just 12 weeks.

The Misaligned Monkey i the first in a number of books that explore these ideas and how we as humans choose to approach this thing called life.Thye explore a myriad of options, small changes we can engineer in how we think and what we do to create massive differences in what we experience and enjoy. .

Our books on Amazon here