Week 9

Congratulations you have made it to Week 9.

In these final few weeks it’s all going to come together as we continue to practice and play with new skills and techniques which will allow you to finesse your new relationship with your Monkey.

Your scores from the survey should begin to show some real movements and your list of the Monkey help will be growing gently.

It’s also sometimes helpful to see how much you have done and what is left to complete and you can see the timetable here Challenge Course timetable 2022

All this builds your confidence in what you are achieving and this will help you power on and complete the challenge.

This week is all about helping you and your Monkey hold a clear and common view of what you want your life to be like before embarking on the last three weeks of the challenge together as a team.

It may sound like more of the same this week ??

Our observations tells us that it is likely that in this week or next you will have a fundamental breakthrough.  A major reevaluation of what it is you think you want that allows you to focus your efforts more effectively. This can be a better understanding of something you really want, a formal giving up on something that you realise you don’t want at all or a mixture of both!

This break through gives you the chance to become more authentic and coherent and to feel that all of you is focussed on something that matters to you. For some of our delegates this involved a dumping of old jobs or destinations, hobbies, relationships even friends rather than the realisation of something new.

Any break through in these areas can be significant and will make a huge difference to your ongoing mood and energy.

It’s time for you to start to take control

The timetable suggests how you progress this week. However, in our experience, by this stage, you understand which exercises work best for you and you may have a preference for what exercises you do when. If in doubt, follow the timetable but feel free to vary from the timetable if you want. This is part of you taking over control to prepare for an ongoing practise once the challenge is complete.

You already know how relationships are ?

When you talk to people, the real issues often don’t come up at first. It takes time to trust and time to choose to take the risk of sharing the really important stuff. If it happens, it’s important how you deal with it and handling this well, is critical to developing any relationship quickly.

It’s the same here with your Monkey: if the big issues start coming up now, it’s a good sign – it  shows your relationship is building and that the trust and honesty required in any good partnership and your new relationship is coming on line.

It’s ok if you find that all is still not quite as you would hope.

This week we spend even more time sharing, more time evolving and finalising your destination and your plans for making it happen and you might find this flushes out some old limiting beliefs or rules that have held you back

View point three helps us stay on track, unemotional and focussed on where we are going and how to get there.

From our early results, this week seems to be another pivotal moment and usually throws up at least one area of major misunderstanding. 

  • If  it does happen then see it as a sign that the process is working and your Monkey is now engaged / trusting enough to risk bringing up bigger or more fundamental areas for you to consider and work through together.
  • Don’t be disappointed if no big stuff comes up – you could be one of the lucky ones and perhaps you and your Monkey can agree to just forget the past, accept the new world you are creating and get on with making it happen.



Down load this week’s practical exercises here:

Exercise 10b provides a great way to double check your future destination. Obviously, any future destination or plan should conform to your ‘More of’ or ‘Less of’ statements.

Often, they don’t add up initially and doing these exercises together this week provides you with another chance to check your definition and understanding of the future is consistent and clear. You can also use any discrepancies to continue to tweak or tune what you think really want.

Our most successful delegates always kept one eye on what they were doing and why they were doing it. It’s so easy to get lost in activity that takes you no where. If you feel this is you our short story the Potters tale may help – you can find it on the book shelf


Future Practices ?

This week also provides more glimpses of the tools, techniques and practices available to you once the challenge is completed. To support this process there are two  ‘bonus’ recordings. Both of these revolve around an ongoing use of and development of, your ability to access and use View Point three, something we have found to be significant in delivering excellent performance in any endeavour.


Bonus 1

Achieving View Point three in the moment when you need to is a key success skill. Stepping back, losing any emotion and choosing you reactions in any situation is a key skill and it’s worth beginning  to play with this now if you can find the time.

Bonus 2

The second session is ‘Free time at View Point three’.

You can use this to experiment with View Point three using the full power of a guided exercise and then choosing your own activity when you get there.

Once the challenge is complete this session will give you the basis of an ongoing practice if it suits your purpose.


Week 9 timetable

Week 9 Day Exercise Planning and organising
  57 Exercise 12b Future pacing – the Plan
  58 Exercise 10 More of, less of
  59 Exercise 12a Future pacing – the Destination
  60 Exercise 10 More of, less of
  61 Exercise 12b Future pacing – the Plan
  62 Exercise 10 More of, less of
63 Exercise 13 Survey Exercise 14 Week 2


Ongoing Action

  1. Hold your destination and your plan in your mind whenever you can
  2. Whenever you get a spare moment, take a deep breath, drift up and look back at yourself.
  3. Continue to note evidence of Monkey Help
  4. Continue to avoid getting it debates or discussions about detail especially if you don’t know why the conversation is happening.
  5. Consider sharing your scores and experiences and maintaining a presence on our challenge page on Facebook.
  6. Begin to consider your Post challenge plan to use the time you have liberated.

More about This week’s exercises

Exercises Notes for 12a / 12 b can be found on week eight 

Exercise notes for exercise 10 can be found on week 6 

Remember to take the survey again on Day 7 so you can build your picture of the effect the exercises are having.

Useful links

  • Monkey relationship survey to assess your progress.
  • A recorded version of the exercises for this week’s activity for you to download and use here.
  • Facebook Challenge page Facebook to share your experience and connect with others who are taking the challenge. Misaligned Monkey monitors the Facebook page and will respond to specific questions if possible

This Weeks’ exercises

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