Week 12

 Week 12. Congratulations – It’s time for that last little push!

This week is all about consolidating what you have achieved and maybe adding a final polish to provide you with concrete gains and effective plans that you can carry forward to your next adventure.

It’s also about making the most of the time slots you have carved out of your life to give you time to run the challenge –

  • What will you do with them now?
  • Will you let them dissolve back into your normal pace of life or will you defend them and then use them for an ongoing practice to create the life you really want?

Week 12 consolidates your gains and provides a good start for looking at the types of activity you could include in an ongoing practice. Like all relationships, this one also needs to be nurtured if it is to endure and develop further. A mix of time spent noticing with positive expectancy (Exercise 15) and more formal sessions using Exercises 11b and 12 a and 12 b will work to keep you both on track.

This week we continue to use  practical exercises from earlier weeks:

Standard Weekly exercises

Get your penultimate score for the challenge and please share on Facebook to help others if you haven’t so far

  • Exercise 14 Planning and Organising session

This week there’s not much planning to do for the challenge.  Instead it’s all about starting to think about using the hard won time you have gained for you post challenge.

  • Will you keep it for you?
  • How could you use it?
  • Which Misaligned Monkey exercises can you use as part of an ongoing practice?

This me time is yours and you have a chance to maintain your new schedule if it suits your purpose to do so.

Ongoing Action 

Below are the ongoing actions for this week :

1 Whenever you get a spare moment, take a deep breath, drift up and look back at yourself.

2 When you become aware of your Monkey distracting you, use this framing question:

“If this contact from the Monkey was designed to help me, what would it be helping me with?”

3 Continue to note evidence of Monkey Help

4 Continue to avoid getting it debates or discussions about detail especially if you don’t know why the conversation is happening.

5 Consider sharing your scores and experiences and maintaining a presence on our challenge page on Facebook.

6 Keep an eye on this website for more help innovation.

7 Don’t let your hard won  ‘me time’ get eroded  what is your Post challenge plan?

Help us

We think this is a worthy cause and provides a method to help many people have more fulfilling and satisfactory lives – any help you can give to spread the opportunity will be gratefully received thank you.

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Week 12 Timetable

Week 12 Day Exercise Planning and organising
78 Exercise 15 Noticing and expectancy
79 Exercise 11b repeats general chats
80 Exercise 15 Noticing and expectancy
81 Exercise 12 Future pacing with the Monkey
82 Exercise 15 Noticing and expectancy
83 Exercise 12 Future pacing the destination
84 Exercise 13 Survey Exercise 14 Going forward



Exercise 13 Misaligned Monkey Relationship Survey

Remember to take the survey again on Day 7 and this week you really will complete your picture of your challenge experience.

You should now have 13 scores showing how your relationship has changed over the course of the challenge. This should provide you with a clear before and after result and may support the value of continuing your practice. If you can share your scores with us along with any thoughts or feedback we will us either to learn modify and encourage others. As you now know, a little encouragement along the way helps a great deal and your words could well make the difference between someone else continuing or giving up. We will continue to mail you suggesting you retake the survey to keep an eye on your progress over the coming months

Typical record sheet here   Survey Results

Exercise 14 planning and organising – what’s next?

Your habit of taking some personal time for you each day is now established and we urge you not to give this up when the challenge completes at the end of the week. It’s your time for you to do with as you please and by now you should have some evidence that shows you this simple practice of taking a few minutes each day for you pays dividends.

As we said before, you may already have considered how you could use this if you were to maintain the new habit going forward. Consider maintaining using some of this time to maintain further develop your relationships with your Monkey.

This week, Exercise 14 clearly becomes as important as anything else you can do. The choices you make this week will dictate your future experiences and are worth some of your time to mull over effectively. Do take the time to plan how you are going to move forward once the formal challenge ends. As a minimum a regular listening to the recordings that have helped you or that you enjoyed the most will continue to help you after the challenge. If you are not sure what your lan is use the tools and have a free session at view point three or another play with Exercise 12 a, Future Pacing your destination, and make it specific to the what next now? question

We will continue to work to help Monkey relationships everywhere so its worth checking in every now and then for new recordings points, tips and stories. If there is anything you need and would like us to create or check our files then let us know in the comments section or on the Facebook page.

A default answer for Exercise 14 this week:

Based on feedback so far, an ongoing repeat of some of the exercises on a regular basis makes a good foundation practice to carry out beyond the challenge.

  • Exercise 11b ongoing chats with the Monkey
  • Future pacing both 12a (destination) and 12b (plan)
  • Free session at Viewpoint 3
  • Stay in touch and we’ll keep you posted of anything that might help and your hints tips and experiences will help others.

Note that we don’t have an ongoing series of emails bombarding your inbox with opportunities to buy something – we will only contact you if we think something is happening or has happened that would be interesting or helpful.

Practical exercises / Audio

Exercise Notes for Exercise 11 b are found here

Exercise Notes for Exercise 12 are found here 

Exercise Notes for Exercise 15 are found here


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More Resources

Web site The Misaligned Monkey 

Amazon Book Shelf

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We will continue to add new material and more practical ideas on what to do with your new found powers.

Make sure you don’t surrender your newly acquired ‘me’ time ……

The bonus recordings are worth listening to periodically and on an ongoing basis :

Celebrate ?

  • You’ve made a huge change just by taking this time for you – is it time for a reward?
  • How could you keep your new routine going ?
  • What could you use this me time to achieve next


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