Why believe anything that slows you down ?

Beliefs Are A Choice?

Most of the beliefs we hold are not certainties, not 100% guaranteed facts and so it makes sense to think about our beliefs as a position we take based on experience or education or even instruction.

In the Misaligned Model book out 2023 w relook at our models of how things work and the beliefs we hold that make them the way they are.


Beliefs are opinions?

This really means the things we call beliefs are simply opinions. Opinions that we have built up over time or opinions been brought up to accept as true. These opinions beliefs are just part of our view on how the world works.  We hope if we work within the framework they impose we get better results. However few of these beliefs or opinions are fact, few are absolute certainties that we could always rely on.

There are some things, like the sun coming up or our expectations of gravity that thankfully seem to be solid and reliable but so many of the beliefs we hold are not so certain.

This is worth thinking about because it underpins how you act and what you achieve.

Our beliefs determine what we experience, how we analyse it and what options we think we have and then what we choose to do (or not do) about it.

One belief is being addressed here – some people believe they cannot change what they believe. Others believe they are worth looking at , scrutinising carefully before we just run with the automated responses a given belief generates.

One belief we have come to accept as true is that we could all choose to change your beliefs. It happens with time naturally few of us believe what we did 20 years ago.

If you accept that you could change your beliefs its reasonably easy to test the results out in practise.   Pull the new belief on like a pair of new trousers and simply operate for a while as though this new belief is true and see what happens ….

It’s what we ask you to do on this site:

Perhaps you hold (or held ?) the belief your Monkey is an uncontrollable nuisance, try on the belief that he or she is trying to help and use expectation effect to notice the ‘new’ behaviours that show you the results. Most who do this see the new belief is now just as accurate as t old an dtehy are overrun with examples of Monkey help.


Other Beliefs

What else do you currently believe that you could see now as a choice if you wanted to?

What beliefs do you hold  that  prevent you from being or doing anything you might want to?

Perhaps its time for a belief audit?

When you act in a way that surprises you or a way that doesn’t give you best results its worth asking yourself what it is you must believe to be true for you to act like that, to say that to think that ……..

If beliefs are a choice and here we believe this is true then you could change them if they don’t serve you well.

Why would you choose to hang onto any beliefs that hold you back, that prevent you from being happy?

We ask you to believe your Monkey is a helper who can really help if the set up is done right we ask you to try the idea on for size to give up any previous belief.

Perhaps  the idea that they are a chattering nuisance act as though the new belief were true and see what happens?

You can do this with any belief that holds you back.

The key question is why would you loyally stick to a belief that doesn’t serve you ?

Sam Berns says it better than anyone here’s his TED Talk