New Year’s Resolutions ? Part of your triumph or the wrong goals / wrong plans wrong time ?

Most people lose sight of their New Years resolutions by the end of March

and by June, there is no link between what they do today and what they said they wanted in January, only 6 months before.

Part of the problem is the choice of resolution :

Some set something that makes no sense or is of no real value to them

Some set something that seems like a good idea ut again is of no value

Some set New Years resolutions that are part of their plan to get a better life

Some set a New Years Resolution to find out or work towards what this means for them

Some simply set New Years Resolutions where the price seems bigger than the rewards and inevitably the gloss slowly fades and the progress stops.

Part of the problem is what happens inside you when you consider achieving  something new.

We call this:



At Misaligned Monkey we work on the basis that it is a problem in the set up of your relationship with your Monkey if and when you are distracted from the tasks or the jobs you think you want to get done.

Your Misaligned Monkey is the mechanism that. leaves you doing jobs and tasks that won’t take you where you want to go / won’t deliver your New Years Resolutions.

Distraction happens when your Monkey pulls you away from what you wanted to do to do or think about something else.

Distraction reduces Focus and Attention on the life you want to live and the deeds that must be done to deliver it.

When Focus and Attention are side tracked you are Distracted  and you get lured away from your plan


If you have already set your New Years Resolutions consider what is happening now in late January when this was written or when ever you read this post.

Are you easily moving forward doing what has to be done to work your plan and deliver your proffered outcome?

Are you excited enthusiastic and intent on moving forward?

Or is this not quite how you would describe things.


Its worth setting the right New Years Resolutions that mean something for you and ensuring you are happy to pay the price to get what you have specified

Its worth relooking at

exercise 12 b future pacing the destinations to check the NYE really make sense

and at exercise 12 a future pacing the plan to make sure you have found the easiest and best route for you to your outcomes.

If you haven’t yet and are still struggling with setting outcomes like NYE Get your Monkey on board

Start by Aligning your Monkey

If your monkey doesn’t understand what you are doing why you are doing and how it ticks the right boxes we have work to do on the relationship

Our goal is to get the relationship with our Monkey strong enough soothes can add value and become a resource to help us focus on defining and then getting the life you really want to do

You can check the quality of your existing monkey relationship for free using our survey.

Working together with your Monkey first sets you up to succeed in anything else you want to do.

Together your capacity to focus, pay attention, act and create is far greater than working alone or even against each other.

Working with Monkey helps us out our dominant thought streams and gives us the space to permanently alter our internal responses.

If your Success is different to what you experience now it just makes sense to get all the help you can and our Monkeys can and will help if the circumstances are right.


A progressive realisation of the life you want and is usually about step by step progress towards more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

This usually boils down to a relentless consistent something or set of somethings – until the job is done

10 press-ups every day for a year is better than 40 press-ups twice.

Prioritising things that take you where you want to go and dumping everything else stacks the odds in your favour of getting the job done.


Work on your Monkey first

Distraction stops us doing what we need to do to have the life we want.

“Get this job done first and everything downstream is easier.”

People who work long and hard to get nowhere are either doing the wrong things or the right things wrong.

  • Distraction is what makes this so.
  • Distraction is the problem
  • Distraction is the Monkey
  • Distraction is fixed by sorting out the relationship with your Monkey

Don’t let distraction and its twin procrastination stop you Aligning your Monkey

It’s coming up to New Year – by next year you could be in a completely different place – as always up to you (and your Monkey!)


If you are short of cash try the trials versions in the shop

But remember paying fr something makes it more likely you will actually use it and do it


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