Move Towards A Better Relationship With Your Monkey

We believe you can make a significant change to the nature and value of your relationship with your Monkey within 12 short weeks.

This means more focussed action, less procrastination a feeling your are living your life with more purpose and a more peaceful positive environment in your own head.

Join our Challenge and let us help you make this happen.  If you are ready*, sign up to the Challenge here.

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12-Week Challenge – A Short Burst Of Focussed Activity

We  will tell you how and what to do when, and supply you with all you need to get the job done
Specifically expect to see:
  1. Reduced level of the interruptions.
  2. Improved timing of the interruption.
  3. The helpfulness / relevance / value of any interruption.
  4. Concrete changes to your Misaligned Monkey relationship score the you complete the survey

New Thinking Techniques and Methods

This challenge pack creates the conditions for you to utilise five new ideas:

  1. The Monkey is really trying to help.
  2. The Monkey doesn’t know how to help.
  3. The Monkey can be reasoned with and will respond if we learn how to work with them.
  4. Forming a partnership with our Monkeys will positively affect the nature, timing, and impact of the interruptions.
  5. We can turn the existing distractions into a positive force to help us.

It can also help you reengineer the relationship permanently.

If you are ready Get the Challenge here 

What You Get

Audio Tracks

At the hub of the challenge is a series of specially recorded audio exercises that develop the exercises found in the book. These audio tracks enable you to simply and easily follow the journey required to achieve positive, lasting change in your relationship with your Monkey. More detail on the audio exercises here.

Tailored weekly activity

Each week has a carefully crafted timetable designed using our experience of running programmes of development. The 12-week timetable enables you to plan in advance and leaves you clear on what you need to do when. Email communication is kept to a minimum but there is enough to help you through the process all the way to success.

Currently this totals 15 emails over the 12-week challenge period. These provide links to background material and further  reading. They build into a comprehensive 12-week programme but we don’t swamp you with stuff.

Relationship Survey

Our Misaligned Monkey Relationship Survey is available so you can check the current relationship you have with your monkey. take it regularly and see how your scores change.

Take It Here

It is an integral tool within the challenge which gives you the chance to generate numerical scores each week that reflect the changing nature of the relationship you have with your monkey as you move through the challenge stages.

Facebook Challenge

You can also share your progress and get help and advice from others on the Facebook page – if it’s your thing. Request access here 

Ongoing Practice

The practices encouraged in the challenge, and a number of the recordings, also provide you with a great opportunity to establish an ongoing practice. The skills and tools covered in the programme form a great basis for a longer term opportunity to continue to experiment and build on what you have achieved during the challenge period.

We will continue to provide more ongoing support to reinforce and extend  your challenge efforts.

Feedback So Far

“I hoped that my scores would change and yes they did and I now have a clarity and focus I never experienced before.”

“The exercises were so much easier to follow using the challenge recordings.

“It was a sweet surprise. I’ve been waffling over a tough decision for the past few weeks and my Monkey has been quite noisy. During our chat today, I asked her for advice and she told me to stay firm in my decision even though I might lose most of my friends. Then she actually reached out and grabbed my hand to comfort me. She assured me that I was doing the ‘right thing’ and that I needed to believe in myself. Her advice these past few weeks has been spot-on: friends who will vilify me for my decision are not my friends.”

“Like you said in the book about your Monkey, my Monkey has now become my cheerleader and a great resource”

“I hope your book is helping others in the same way it helped me. But people need to let go of traditional views of the Monkey and use the exercises in the book to understand and have the changes I experienced. It’s a small price to pay after all no-one really knows what the truth is.”

“The emails drip fed me with what I needed when I needed it.”

“I usually pick and choose with things like this and don’t always work the plan to get the full effect. I made a choice to do what the emails asked me to do, in 12 weeks my scores changed by over 100 points”

“I just feel different, better more in charge more ‘aligned’. Who’d have known you could do this”

“12 weeks flew by and now everything feels better.”

“You will be pleased to know that although my Monkey’s  chatter still exists it makes more sense and is more useful after learning how to work with her.”

“Following through with the 12 week challenge cements the changes and paves the way to an ongoing positive change in your relationship with your Monkey.”

“The Challenge provides the wrap that makes the changes easier to accomplish. Based on the challenge timetable, the weekly emails tell you what to do when so you don’t have to manage the process”.

“I didn’t believe this was possible and so it wasn’t and yet now it is – thank goodness for camper vans!!!”

Don your headphones and relax as the recordings take your through each exercise.

The challenge follows the journey outlined in the book. Each bespoke recording develops each exercise and creates a complete experience for you to enjoy. These specifically recorded sessions extend and build on the book exercises. We take full advantage of being there with you in your ear to guide you through a more effective experience. Using these recorded sessions makes the whole process far more simple and easier than attempting the journey on your own.

As with the book, the exercises provide a sequential staircase to your success.

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