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Getting the results you want


“As I read the book, I hoped that my scores would change and yes they did. I now have a clarity and focus I never experienced before.”

“The exercises were so much easier to follow using the challenge audio recordings. I struggled to get the time to make this happen but the emails kept me on track and I completed the 12 weeks in about 14 weeks. Chuffed with the results and the completion of a worthwhile project.


‘The most critical element in sticking to any change process is seeing real results’

So even before you start any implementation we suggest you take a moment to assess the existing quality of the relationship you have with your Monkey. You can do this using our own Misaligned Monkey relationship survey which gives you a numerical score based on your own experience of your Monkey today. It’s free and you can find a link at the end of this page.

As you progress, keep an eye on how you are doing by repeating the survey regularly and keeping a note of your scores so you can see how they change. You can read more about scores and the survey here.

More than any other single factor, experiencing real concrete change as it happens, will help you stick to the programme and complete. the transformation.

This thing works if you work it!

If you need the Book get it here 

Book done ?

There are three practical options to reengineer your relationship with your Monkey:


1.Take Part In Our 12-Week Challenge :

Our gold star all singing all dancing offer is The Challenge  which guides your through our specially designed timetable to create real results in just 12 weeks. This is a comprehensive package involving all the audio sessions recorded specially for the challenge exercises. It includes a number of extra recordings to help you set expectations and progress smoothly through the transition to a better working relationship with your Monkey. We know you are busy so we also provide a series of gentle email reminders to keep you on track and provide you with what you need when you need it. These emails support you through the process and help you get the job done. You can also access our private Facebook challenge group.

You can sign up here to the 12 week challenge.

Make sure you use the Discount codes in your book 

Free Offer – If you agree to share your progress and your results with us and let us use them for research and promotion purposes, there may be some options to complete the challenge course for free -Find details here.

2. Using Our Guided Exercises

You can also purchase the guided exercises recordings for our 12 week challenge separately if you wish. Just check there is not a special offer on the challenge which gives you the full support package and a number of bonus recordings at a similar price.

You can buy the Audio tracks from us here

Make sure you use the Discount codes in your book 

3. On Your Own With The Book:

The book is written so that you can follow the exercise pattern and format under your own steam.  You will also find a number of posts and articles on the site to help answer questions and to help you think through the ideas and make them work for you.

You can also join our  Facebook group which will build into an ongoing help and share space.

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Whatever method you choose you will get better results if you monitor your progress:

Do This In Two Ways:

The Misaligned Monkey Relationship Survey is available here. It will let you see the progress you are making as you work through the book and its exercises, or through the challenge itself. Use our relationship survey to score yourself before you start, and every week as you progress to plot your progress. It’s free and we encourage you to take it before you move too far.

Secondly keep a journal or notes of ‘Monkey Help’ or ‘Monkey happenings’ – it’s great to look back and see how things have changed and how the nature of your Monkey’s interruptions evolve once you start working together.

Please share your scores and your stories with us and help us build a useful and effective page with lots of feedback on Facebook





Our Members area for book readers and listeners is under construction :

Welcome to the Members Area.

This is where we will share resources discounts and freebies to help you reengineer your relationship and maintain the gains.

Our membership section will remain free to readers of the Misaligned Monkey via the codes embedded in books from March 2023 onwards –

It’s here to help you make the changes stick and then build on them to have your best life – as defined by you.

We work here on the basis you understand the Misaligned Monkey premise –

  1. Your Monkey can and will help if the circumstances are right
  2. You can engineer these circumstances and the new relationship by following the process outlined in the Challenge or the Misaligned Monkey books.

We don’t expect you to accept this idea without question

We want you to choose to be pragmatic. Like switching on that bathroom light  – don’t lose time wondering  why it works, just test it and use it to have your best life.

On the challenge we provide other audio to help you and some freebies and samples will be available here to members.

An open mind plus a little effort will let you reengineer your relationship into a positive and powerful force.

A force designed by you to give you ‘more of what you want’ or ‘less of what you don’t want’.

If you have read the book what’s next?

Reading the book will change your idea of what is possible for you, for your Monkey and for what you as a team could deliver and you now have a choice about what to do next.

Most people struggle to read the book and complete the exercises at the same time so relax if you are in this place.

Some also struggle to complete the exercises on their own using the book as a guide and for this reason we have recorded Audio sessions and bonus tracks to help you through the process.


Whatever you choose to do next here are some easy wins:

The first thing you can do is to maintain your expectation that things can be and will be different.

This audio will help you think about what this now means:

To do this what works well is to :

  • Continue to build a written list of  list of examples of how, where and when your Monkey helps you.
  • Continue also to use our survey on a regular basis to watch the trends in this key relationship

The survey is free and you can find it here

It can be very helpful to get a regular Monkey relationship score and in the absence of a reengineered relationship, changes in your scores over time give you a rough idea of how things are going and how you are.

To go up a gear you can think about following through on the exercises

In our experience it takes a short sharp intervention to sort things out with our Monkeys – the book starts the process but to to maintain the gains it’s worth doing some more. This bonus recording outlines some of the expectations you may wish to consider over the next few weeks :


The Audio Sets

We offer the audio in two versions

A guided audio set which gives you the recordings to take you through the exercises outlined in the book You can find it here

A 12 week challenge

This provides you with the advanced audio pack a number of extra bonus recordings and we guide you through the process over 12 weeks. A weekly email provides you with the resources you need, a timetable and a reminder of what to do when. This is not a barrage and there are currently 15 or so emails spread over 12 weeks

You can find our challenge here

Readers’ Discounts

Readers or listeners to the book use Challenge Discount Code     E6BV83GW  or Audio  Discount Code   RDT8EB5D     –   In 2023 this is currently 50%

With these discounts the Challenge costs less than a cup of coffee a week.

You can find our challenge here


However you choose to move on, the secret to continuing to build your new relationship is to maintain an active role as Leader.

You are the CEO of your life and all the resources at your disposal (Monkey included) will react better if you work out what you want and act consistently with this vision. 

When we do things that are not normal or natural to us our Monkey takes notice. There are many options here for you to use to keep things moving forward. This is why we are such fans of a challenge and this challenge in particular.

More resources / members

You can find a catalogue of free resources here.

This includes a complete set of the book exercise notes for listeners to the Audio book.

It’s worth reading the book several times as you work through the exercises do this or listen to the Audible version – immersing the two of you in the ideas and concepts will help you make a difference faster.


This members section is currently being rewritten to meet some early feedback ………….

Beyond here there are dragons only at this stage 


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