Help for meditators

Although much advice is about working to quiet the Monkey before we are truly ready to begin our meditation practice

Many of us want to get started faster

This can lead to a struggle with an active Monkey who is seemingly hell bent on stopping us progressing a meditative practice or a mindful approach.

This is where the Misaligned Monkey comes in

The process outlined in the Misaligned Monkey provides a new pragmatic method to get your Monkey onside.

You can see it as part of your preparation for a meaningful Meditation or Mindfulness practice.

You can also see it as alignment getting all of you onside to authentically tp pursue the life that matters to you.

You can follow the process alongside your existing practice and watch day by day and week by week as your practice improves.

Aligning the Monkey is not about a new meditation or mindfulness practice rather it is a method of investigating and utilising the Monkey as a resource to help you in whatever endeavour you are engaged.


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