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Welcome to the members area.

This is where we will share resources discounts and freebies to help you Reengineer your relationship and maintain the gains.

Our membership section is free to readers of the Misaligned Monkey via the codes embedded in books from March 2023 onwards –

It’s here to help you make the changes stick and then build on them to have your best life – as defined by you.

We work here on the basis you understand the Misaligned Monkey premise –

  1. Your Monkey can and will help if the circumstances are right
  2. You can engineer these circumstances and the new relationship by following the process outlined in the Challenge or the Misaligned Monkey books.

We don’t expect you to accept this idea without question

We want you to choose to be pragmatic. Like switching on that bathroom light  – don’t lose time wondering  why it works, just test it and use it to have your best life.

On the challenge we provide other audio to help you and some will be available here to members.

An open mind plus a little effort will let you reengineer your relationship into a positive and powerful force.

A force designed by you to give you

more of what you want or

less of what you don’t want.

If you have read the book what’s next?

Reading the book will change your idea of what is possible for you for your Monkey and for what you as a team could deliver. If you have done this you now have a choice about how to take it further. Usually most people who read the book tend to read through planning to come back and play with the exercises later. Now’s a good time to decide to keep the progress going and taking a few more steps can transform your performance permanently.


There are some easy wins:

The first thing you can do is to maintain your expectation that things can be and will be different. To do this

Continue to build a written list of  list of examples of how, where and when your Monkey helps you.

Continue also to use our survey to watch the trends in this key relationship

It can be very helpful to get a regular score to see how things are going. The Monkey relationship score gives you early indication something is not quite right. In the absence of a reengineered relationship, changes in your scores over time give you a rough idea of how things are going and how you are.

It’s free and you can find it here


To go up a gear you can think about following through on the exercises

In our experience it takes a short sharp intervention to sort things out with our Monkeys – the book starts the process but to to maintain the gains it’s worth doing some more. This bonus recording outlines some of the expectations you may wish to consider over the next few weeks :


How to work the exercises


A little effort with the exercises lets you really

Whether you continue to develop your Monkey relationship or not



The secret to this is to maintain an active role as Leader. You are the CEO of your life and all the resources at your disposal (Monkey included) will react better if you work out what you want and act consistently with this vision. 

When we do things that are not normal or natural to us our Monkey takes notice. There are many options here for you to use to keep things moving forward. This is why we are such fans of a challenge and this challenge in particular.

If you have read the book and skimmed the exercises it’s time to go up a gear.

The next thing to play with is the Challenge.

Readers or listeners to the book use Challenge Discount Code     E6BV83GW    to get this at a discount        –   In 2023 this is currently 50%

Buy the Challenge here 

If you want to do it on your own you can access the Audio recording only here use Audio  Discount Code   RDT8EB5D  to get this at a discount        –   In 2023 this is currently 50%


This members section is currently being rewritten to meet some early feedback ………….

Beyond here there are dragons only at this stage 


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