Why do we like stories?

Perhaps we want to be entertained or to be transported away from the present moment?

Perhaps we like to feel we are not the only one who …..?

and so we share experiences, thoughts and beliefs with others who we can relate to.

Others in our tribe who  know what we think and even why we think like this

They may well share a model of how the world works and they know us well enough to understand us and care enough to say when they think we are off piste.

Why do we tell stories?

Some would say it’s part of an older oral tradition that keeps what’s important alive. Good stories engender our emotions or our memories, perhaps they challenge our beliefs or simply amuse us.


Good Stories.

We generally like stories that make sense to us.  Perhaps, as we read about the characters, we might recognise something in them that we notice in our friends or the people we meet?

Perhaps it’s some of the other details that the author has captured?

A place in the story feels familiar; maybe they describe a situation or a place that resonates with what we know and who we are?

Good stories, like dreams, may have twists and turns that surprise us and can give us the chance to see things from a new perspective.

Good stories can let us reconsider what we think is normal, and abnormal, Perhaps they gently challenge our view of how things are and just as importantly, how they work. What we call our model of the world or  Personal Paradigms


Sales Academy Ltd

Based on conversations and observations with thousands of delegates we have noticed a number of elements which are included in all personal paradigms. It seems that how they are constituted determines the level of success you experience

Reading stories and books that help us look afresh at these elements help us check how our model of the world holds up to scrutiny and gives us ideas for changes that might help.

Our Books

We tend to build our models organically as we grow up, they evolve in the background and we can collect elements that  don’t stand up to scrutiny but still shape our choices our thoughts and our behaviours.

Sometimes this is a result of our experience or our history  and sometimes its a widely accepted truth that is wrong.

Our Books are designed and written using what we have learnt to help you do this. The Misaligned Monkey is a good example of a book that challenges this type of commonly held belief.

It’s relatively easy to imagine how each element of a model of the world  will effect what we do, how we do it and the life experience that inevitably follows.

Alternatives are always possible and thinking differently about how things work can generate very different results.

Will God or the universe provide ? or do you need to show a little willingness to help yourself first?  Between the right groups this conversation could take years to resolve …

Short Stories

In addition to the Misaligned Monkey we are slowly collecting a number of stories that we came across, or told, on our courses. Each of these provides the opportunity to consider one or more aspects of your Model of the world.

Currently these are all available for free on Kindle unlimited. They are short reads that give you more questions and answers. The plan is to build these into a resource anyone can use to determine how they think on the key success belief continuums.


Each story is also part of a longer saga, Joe’s Cliff . It recounts the experiences of a man who travels from place to place helping people and trying to find some answers to some questions.

It seems that we all have a cliff something that stops us whenever we try to get out or past our comfort zone. Working out a relationship with your Monkey obviously helps with steps into the unknown but its also worth understanding your own internal model of how things work. Your rules and beliefs that you work to even when you don’t now what they all say or decree.

Our heroes name is Joe and he left home a long time ago looking for some peace and quiet, relief from the never-ending rush of demands on his time.

On his journey he met many people who helped him make sense of what he was feeling. Slowly he is building a picture of how things seem to work. The rules he needs to follow to influence what he does and what he thinks, to get more of what he wants and less of what he doesn’t want.

Bot of these books :

The Misaligned model – ensuring yours is fit for purpose

Joes Cliff – a journey towards understanding what is really going on an dhow to bundle it

are due for publication own 2022

See our book shelf for more information on elements, stories and availability.