Week 8

Week 8   Nearly there – This really is the home stretch and the end is almost in sight.

The challenge format remains the same

The work you have completed so far will pay off well in this week’s exercises which allow you the opportunity to start ‘future pacing’ with your Monkey. This exercise gives you guided practice using a great tool – future pacing which you can use effectively for your own purposes long after your challenge is complete.

This technique allows you to visit and / or shape your own future.

We described the technique in the Misaligned Monkey book

These exercises build on your previous ideas of what you want the future to be like and provide the opportunity to:

  • Road Test what you have come up with so far.
  • Make any modifications you see fit.
  • Generate a clear plan to make these things a reality.

Some of you will be eager to get on – this is what we have been working slowly towards

But if you are still struggling with the idea of setting out your future it’s important to push on through.  Earlier we recommended one of our short stories Patricia  She helps us if the problem is you don’t believe ‘different’ or something ‘special’ is possible for you.

Similarly, a second short story The Gates of Heaven helps if the issue is more about freeing yourself to consider what you might want to ‘have, be or do’ to live the life you really want. They are available on Amazon at the cheapest price we can set (£0.79) . If you have Kindle unlimited you can have them free.


Down load this week’s practical exercises here:

It’s worth understanding how the exercises work and using them actively within your challenge practice this week.

In addition, we redo Exercises 5, 6, 7 and 8 from earlier weeks

If you need to download them again here:

Standard Weekly exercises


Week 8 timetable 

Week 8 Day Exercise Planning and organising
  50 Exercise 5 If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail
  51 Exercise 6 Moving to Viewpoint 3
52 Exercise 7 Exploring Viewpoint 3
  53 Exercise 8 Interruptions and Distractions
  54 Exercise 12a Future Pacing – the Destination
  55 Exercise 12b Future Pacing – the Plan
  56 Exercise 13 Survey Exercise 14 Week 9



Ongoing Action

  1. Hold the thought. – “If this contact from the Monkey was designed to help – what would it be helping me with?”
  2. Make a note of any evidence you uncover of Monkey Help.
  3. Hold your destination and your plan in your mind whenever you can.
  4. Share your experiences and scores on the Facebook Challenge page
  5. Whenever you get a spare moment, take a deep breath, drift up and look back at yourself.
  6. Avoid getting lost in detail, always check what teh real purpose behind teh discussion or Monkey contact is – Ask them …..

Links to all practical exercises are listed below:

More about the exercises

Exercise 12 Future Pacing – the destination

So far, we have used simple, traditional methods to begin to understand your destination. As we know this is crucial and knowing where you are going informs all your choices or decisions and determines where and how you focus your effort and spend your resources. It’s worth doing everything we can to

1 Get this right and

2 Share it with our helper, the Monkey.

We are now ready to use some of our newly developed skills to take this up a gear. If you read the book, you will remember those delegates who used a real field to help them visualise their futures. They walked out to a point on the field that they felt best represented their future. They took time to sit at the point to visualize and experience this future before walking back to their starting point, stopping and identifying the key moments and actions that created the future they wanted as required.

You can read more about Future Pacing here.

You may recall in our build up to these exercises we have already visualized a field in Exercise 7 when we invested some time exploring Viewpoint 3

In these next two exercises we will replicate this field exercise. We will reimagine the field and witness as we walk across it to examine firstly our future and secondly the plan for its accomplishment.

There is no need to rush this critical task.

Exercise 12a 12b Future Pacing with your Monkey

In this exercise, we complete Future Pacing mentally, from Viewpoint 3, with our Monkey and we look together at our future.

We will repeat it separately as Exercise 12b when we will look at what is required of us to get there –  the plan for its accomplishment.

Splitting it like this gives us more time to consider and evaluate both the destination and the plan.

This exercise will typically make you also wonder what else you can do from the safety of view point three.

To help with this, once the challenge is complete and the work is done, we include a bonus recording “Free time at view point three” which you can use to run your own sessions for any purpose you choose.

This week we will use a whole session to feel what the future looks like and to tweak it if we want to and another whole session to ‘reverse engineer’ the route map to this success.

It’s a strong exercise that helps us both share a mutual understanding of both the destination and the plan, key elements in delivering a future reality together. It builds on and cements all your work and your ideas for your purpose, destination and your plans for getting there.

It also provides a massive check on the equity of the destination and the plan. What we might call – the “prize” and the “price”.

Understanding this balance enables you to ensure you follow a route that is truly worthwhile.You can read more about this balance here 

We call it Happy Paddock.

Looking at the destination and the plan together with your Monkey lets both you and your Monkey see and understand what’s involved.

When you have finished, write down any insights you gain to what your desired future looks like and what needs to happen to make it real.

Note if the future you witness is not to your liking you can repeat the exercises and take a more active role looking for teh future you want before sitting down and once sat down identifying the elements you want in it.

Exercise 12a / b objectives

The objective of Exercise 12a / b is to create your vision of your future and discover the actions you must take as well as what needs to happen to make it so.

You will get the chance to complete both these exercises a number of times before the challenge ends and as you gain more confidence the output will gain in value for you.

We recommend that you continue to use this exercise after you finish the challenge. It’s a great way to check your progress with all the detachment that Viewpoint 3 gives.

By the end of these exercises, you should

1 have had the chance to re-evaluate and evolve your conclusions on what it is you want,

2 understand more fully what’s involved in making this future real,

3 be able to see better choices of where to allocate your efforts and resources, and

4 share a view on the future and how to get there together.

Make any notes that you feel are relevant.

Exercise 13 Misaligned Monkey Relationship Survey

Remember to take the survey again on Day 7 so you can build your picture of the effect the exercises are having.

Useful links

  • Monkey relationship survey to assess your progress.
  • A recorded version of the exercises for this week’s activity for you to download and use here.
  • Post / share  Facebook Challenge page to share your experience and connect with others who are taking the challenge. Misaligned Monkey monitors the Facebook page and will respond to specific questions where possible

EX 12 a – Future Pacing with the Monkey the Destination

EX 12 b – Future Pacing with the Monkey the Plan

In addition, we redo Exercises 5, 6, 7 and 8 from earlier weeks, if you need to download them again you can find them here:


Links to previous weeks are here:

The Challenge timetable is here   Challenge Course timetable 2022


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