Challenge Course trialists wanted

Help us show this works

We want to find a number of open minded positive people interested in reengineering what goes on in their heads to take the 12 week  challenge and get things moving.

It’s early days and we need to find some people we don’t know, who have read the book and will take the challenge and share their experiences with us.

If you help us do this then we will give you full access to the 12 week challenge course and all materials at no charge.

Ideally you will have read or listened to (and rated) the book first.

What we want – In return

We want to know how you get on and we want you to share your results with us :

  • Your pre challenge and weekly relationship survey scores
  • Your ups and downs
  • Practical examples of change
  • Anything else ……..

This can be shared privately or with us on Facebook here 

You can see an example of one set of results on the Facebook group page and we want more!

Simply join Facebook and ask for a free challenge trial link.

Future Perks?

We will also put you at the head of the queue to try out our new offerings as they come on stream.

Join (it’s automatic so immediate) and you will find details of our next challenge offer on   Facebook 

If you want to take advantage of this then join the group and message us there giving us some details about yourself and why you want to do the challenge.