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If you build it they will come ?

There’s some great feedback about real changes from reading or listening to the book and or playing with the exercises

Reading the Misaligned Monkey changes how you think about what you think about.

The challenge helps you get a clearer understanding between you and your Monkey about what you want and how you are going to get it

Together they provide the basis for you and this thing we call the Monkey to work together, hand in hand, to more easily have the life you want.

At this time, the site is working the first products developed and the first books written

Our interest now is in helping people experience and play with these ideas

So where we can we offer the books at reduced rates or free when we can on Amazon.

In addition we are also now offering an Audio version of the Misaligned Monkey book narrated by Tim Powell  as a free download on the web site


a free 12 week audio driven challenge for those who wish to reengineer their relationship with their Monkeys in a formal organised 12 week period

As ever, the Misaligned Monkey Survey remains free to use


All we ask is for you not to be shy

Please give us feedback what works what doesn’t and any tips you have or great experiences of Monkey help

You can share this on our Facebook page which we see building over the next couple of years to be a source of help and encouragement to all Alignment hunters. Please also share your trending scores on etc survey and any comments you have on the changes you see and what they feel like in your real world

We would appreciate any help you can give us in these early days to spread the free offers around, share with any people or groups you think might enjoy the experience or be challenged by the ideas.

As they say all publicity is good publicity and all listenings or challenge completions take us one step closer to more people achieving an internal space that will support them in having the life they want.


You can find the free product offer in our shop 

You can find the survey here