Week 10

It’s Week 10 !

Week 10 forms a simple, solid basis on which you both have the opportunity to consolidate your gains, cement relations and contribute in a constructive, forward-looking relationship.

It is the final preparation for  weeks 11 and 12 and your post challenge practice.

By now

We expect your scores from the Relationship Survey will be trending gently upwards as you see more concrete evidence of a more effective partnership. Your ongoing focus on recording any Monkey help should also now have provided a number of examples where you think their activity could be interpreted as at least ‘well meaning’ and perhaps some, that  you would classify as real help.

It only takes one good example to realise your Monkey is capable of help  and, once you have one example documented, it’s inevitable the second (and third) examples will quickly follow.

You can also revisit the “Asking the Monkey for help” session or use the ‘Free session at View Point Three’ recording* to ask for specific help in day to day projects.

These really help you to come up with creative solutions to any situation you face and can provide even more evidence of the help your monkey will provide if asked.

It’s nice to see scores changing, it’s great to list out examples of Monkey help but now you’re at week 10 it’s time to start to really focus on having the life you want and seeing how the changes you have achieved within this critical partnership will translate into real progress.

There’s a new Bonus session for you to listen to this week. It provides you with a few things to think about that will stack the odds in your favour of having a great last couple of weeks.

You can find it here.    Week Ten – Make a Choice now

As we continue over these last weeks you might have the time, energy and curiosity to tackle something that you might have struggled with before,. Perhaps it’s something you’ve given up on or put off that still matters to you.

Try spending some time at View Point three with your Monkey and contemplating if you should and how you could move this forward.

This week

Although we expect your routine and those thirty minute exercise slots are now firmly established, it’s likely you have the knowledge and confidence to run your own show and choose to do what’s best for you.

When in doubt stick to the suggested time table as we repeat practical exercises from earlier weeks. Hoiwever there is flexibility here too and you can use increasingly use these exercises for your own purposes – Links below if you need them.


Our suggested Focus for Week 10

  • We know the only way the Monkey can really help is if they know what you want to achieve.
  • We also know that the only way you can assess the quality of their help is for you to know with real clarity and certainty what you are trying to do.

The main focus this week is still about continuing to build the new relationship with your Monkey. Increasingly you can do this together within the context of  your real destination – what you want your life to be like.

This week we continue to focus on

  1. Time with (aware with ) your Monkey
  2. More future pacing activity
  3. Continuing to actively talk with your Monkey about outcomes and purpose


We do this by continuing to clarify your destination and the plan, the actions  or ‘nudges’ you can use to make it so.

Exercises 12a and 12b   provides the opportunity to continue to work on your destination (12a)   and your plan (12b). You can choose which of these feels right for you this week – or just do both!

Exercise 11 starts to give you more freedom of choice about how and what you do. It takes the framework we used to have the ‘first formal chat’ but now gives you the freedom to meet with your Monkey and discuss whatever you want to. It provides a degree of freedom to drive an interaction with the Monkey which reflects the fact that you have now completed 9 weeks our way and it’s time for you to take over.

As we enter the final phase it’s good for you to start thinking how you can use these techniques at this point in your challenge journey and about their ongoing role in your future practice.

It’s high value to spend time with your Monkey like this. To discuss areas of mutual interest, plan and destinations or anything your feel is appropriate. Providing time for your Monkey allows them to get more in the habit of telling you what they need to when you want them to. Trust yourself and your gut to play with it as you see fit!

However much you play with this – do make sure that by the end of the week:

  • you are clear on a destination that you are looking forward to achieving (Exercise 12a)
  • you have some ideas on what you can do to make it happen. (Exercise 12b)

Remember destinations are usually a work in progress, very few of us start out on life paths and go exactly where we thought we would. If you want more help thinking this through try reading ore of our books the short stories or   Joe’s Cliff which will help you gently explore how you think and what you are planning on doing next.

Post challenge?

Although the challenge is not yet completed it’s worth beginning to think about what happens next :


Having a regular 30 minute slot each day is hard won and a rare gift. It’s worth thinking now as you run up towards the end of the formal challenge how you will retain and use this ‘me time’ after your 12 weeks is complete


This last short effort is the time when you need to clearly see your rewards. This will determine you assessment of  the value of working on your life in a similar way in the future.


Week 10 Suggested Timetable

Week 10 Day Exercise Planning and organising
64 Exercise 11b repeats general chats
  65 Exercise 12 Future pacing
  66 Exercise 11b repeats general chats
  67 Exercise 12 Future pacing
  68 Exercise 11b repeats general chats
  69 Exercise 12 Future pacing
  70 Exercise 13: Survey Exercise 14: Week 11

Down load these practical exercises here:

Optional additional session

Ongoing actions: 

1 Whenever you get a spare moment, take a deep breath, drift up to View Point three and look back at yourself.

2 When you become aware of your Monkey distracting you, use this framing question:

“If this contact from the Monkey was designed to help me, what would it be helping me with?”

3 Continue to note evidence of Monkey Help

4 Continue to avoid getting it debates or discussions about detail especially if you don’t know why the conversation is happening. Stick with the why!

5 Consider sharing your scores and experiences and maintaining a presence on our challenge page on Facebook.

6  Begin to consider your Post challenge plan to use the time you have liberated for yourself.

Help us ?

We think what we are doing is a worthy cause. We think the method and approach you are now a part of could help lots of people have better more pleasing lives. If you think so too, maybe you could help ?

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We are developing  Facebook Challenge page please use it and share your hints, tips, experiences and results. You can also ask questions or ask for specific advice –


Read More about each of this week’s exercises  –

Exercise Notes for Exercise 11 b are found here

Exercise Notes for Exercise 12 are found here 

We also have an extra recording this week designed to help you focus on and maximise your last few weeks practice, you can find it Week Ten – Make a Choice now

13 Misaligned Monkey Relationship Survey

Remember to take the survey again on Day 7 so you can build your picture of the effect the exercises are having.



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