Read the Misaligned Monkey – What holds you Back / A revolutionary new approach to inner peace and power.

Before attempting the exercises 

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For Audio Book listeners

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Audio Downloads


*Included in the Challenge

The following bespoke Audio sessions are included in the Challenge Course pack:

Bonus recordings 

  1. Free time at view point three.
  2. Instant view point three.
  3. Week five Boost and Focus.
  4. Week ten Boost and Focus.
  5. Set your expectations for a successful implementation.
  6. Refresh of Monkey ideas.

Exercise sessions for challenge participants

  1. Session 1 Meet your Monkey.
  2. Session 2 The Power of a Focus.
  3. Session 3 Whats drives your Monkey?
  4. Session 4 Asking teh Monkey for help.
  5. Session 5 If you knew you couldn’t fail.
  6. Session 6 Moving to View Point three.
  7. Session 7 Exploring View Point three.
  8. Session 8 Exploring Interruptions and Distractions.
  9. Session 9 Making a list.
  10. Session 10a Preparation for a formal chat.
  11. Session 10b More and Less of.
  12. Session 11 The first formal chat.
  13. Session 12a Future pacing with your Monkey – Destination.
  14. Session 12b Future pacing with your Monkey – Plan.
  15. Session 15 All day awareness from View Point three.


In the Challenge Course, exercise 13 is the Misaligned Monkey survey and exercise 14 is ‘preparation and planning’ we recommend you do both of these very week.


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