Week 11

We’re at Week 11. Good for you!!

Previous thoughts

  1. Keep going – It’s obvious but let’s say it – For this last little push it’s really worth sticking to your routines and the discipline that has led you this far, so don’t be tempted to cut corners when you are so near to completion.
  2. Monkey help requisites – We know the only way the Monkey can really help is if they know what you want to achieve. We also know that the only way you can assess the quality of their help is for you to know with real clarity and certainty what you are trying to do
  3. Personal Practice – By now your habit of taking some personal time for you each day should be well ingrained and we hope you are spending some time actively considering how to hold on to and use this special ‘me time’ after you complete the challenge at the end of next week.

This week supports this in two ways :

Firstly, we continue providing time and space to work on your destination and / or your plan. This involves:

  1. Repeating exercises 12a or  12 b as you feel appropriate
  2. Repeating Monkey meetings at view point three with an open agenda, an agenda you can choose based on your own circumstance.
  3. Taking control of your activities to begin to shape your own practice with your Monkey.

Secondly, whilst the recordings are helpful and provide support to maintain the viewpoint for 20 minutes or so you will probably have noticed already that you can now just take a deep breath, rise up and gain a view point three perspective in other situations.  This is a high value skill and ideally we want to get to a point where we can do this through out our day if and when we choose to. By now the amount of time you have spent within the exercises at view point three either ‘alone’ or formally with your Monkey, will have equipped you to reach up and find this  perspective simply and more easily.  The technique of instant view point three, explores how we can back away or rise up to achieve a more useful perspective at will.

This ability will serve you well your whole life and it’s worth practising as such as you can.

Here are some suggestions for other exercises that you might want to revisit this week.

New Recordings

Going Forward

We are now beginning to consider the option of an ongoing and regular practice once you have completed the challenge.

At this stage of the challenge, using the instant view point three techniques, we expect you will be able to explore dispassionately any of the aspects raised during your day.

This week it’s time to begin to up the stakes a little more and consider the possibility of operating full time with  awareness.

Exercise 15 Noticing with expectancy

This recording talks you through how we move from formal 30 minute sessions which take time out of your day or an instant view point three technique that provides in the moment opportunities to stop assess consider or contemplate what is really going on, to start to practice an ‘all day awareness’.

This exercise takes us beyond a formal time bound framework  and asks you to set an intention for a whole day to watch what’s happening from view point three and to do this with the appropriate expectancy to deliver the results you want.

To refresh setting up your expectancy for the remainder of the challenge and to augment Exercise 15, it’s worth revisiting the week ten  expectation setting recording we delivered last week. It is specifically recorded to help you now in these last few weeks.

If you haven’t yet – you can download it here Week Ten – Make a Choice now

An awareness shaped by an expectation that will help you :

  • perhaps notice the good things you and your Monkey are both doing together.
  • perhaps notice the good things that are happening to help you
  • perhaps notice the gentle interplay of events all building towards the future you have already seen
  • perhaps notice concrete examples of working together and the partnership you have already started to build.



Exercise 15 Instructions

You can listen to the audio here. It provides you with the background an introduction to your challenge assignment this week

The objective of this practice is to develop the ability to sit with your ‘radar ‘ up all day long, to have one eye constantly at the perspective gained from view point three and to use it at this stage of the challenge to notice the results you are now getting.

We specifically ask you to do this exercise on Days 1, 3 and 5 of Week 11 and again in Week 12.

Ongoing Action

  1. Set out your expectation for a good day each day
  2. Make a note of any evidence you uncover of Monkey Help
  3. Hold your destination and your plan in your mind whenever you can
  4. Sign in and join / share your experiences and scores on the Facebook challenge page 

Sharing and your Story

  1. Book Review and Ratings
  2. Tell your friends
  3. Pass the ideas on
  4. Share your challenge experience
  5. Let us use your data
  6. Tell us your story

We are developing the  Facebook Challenge page

Please use it and share hints. tips, your exeriences and results. You can also ask questions or ask for specific advice –

Week 11 looks something like this:

Week 11 Day Exercise Planning and organising
  71 Exercise 15 Noticing and expectancy
  72 Exercise 11b  general discussion sessions together (relationship/focus/ways of working)
  73 Exercise 15 noticing and expectancy
  74 Exercise 12 Future pacing a or b
75 Exercise 15 noticing and expectancy
76 Exercise 12 Future pacing a or b
77 Exercise 13 Survey Exercise 14 for Week 12

Ongoing actions: 

1 Whenever you get a spare moment, take a deep breath, drift up and look back at yourself.

2 When you become aware of your Monkey distracting you, use this framing question:

“If this contact from the Monkey was designed to help me, what would it be helping me with?”

3 Continue to note evidence of Monkey Help

4 Continue to avoid getting it debates or discussions about detail especially if you don’t know why the conversation is happening.

5 Consider sharing your scores and experiences and maintaining a presence on our challenge page on Facebook.

6 Keep an eye on this website for more help innovation.

7  Consider your Post challenge plan.

More about the exercises

Exercise Notes for Exercise 11 b are found here

Exercise Notes for Exercise 12 are found here 

Exercise 15 Noticing with expectancy

Your task is to take your new awareness into the whole day where this exercise is specified. It’s the chance to extend what you have probably already noticed happening?

We notice increasing numbers of moments when we are aware we are detached or are able to detach during teh day. Moments where we rise above our old behaviours and make new conscious choices.

As a team you and your Monkey now know where you are going and you can see or feel or understand, (whatever word works for you) what this means to you both. We also are beginning to understand what needs to happen to make it happen.

This exercise takes us beyond a formal exercise and fixed time slots and asks you to set an intention to watch periodically throughout the day.

At this stage of the challenge, you can take any of the exercises and use a calming breath explore any of the aspects raised anywhere or any time during your day. Exercise 15 asks you to do this deliberately.

At any time, when it feels right to you, just stop, take a breath and notice the good things we are both doing together. We notice how these things are contributing to our shared vision of how we want things to be. We look for examples of us working together and reinforce the partnership we have started to build.

The objective of this practice is to look for positive examples of the challenge and all your efforts so far working. To catch you as a team doing something right. Something that reinforces the feeling you are moving towards a successful partnership.

We ask you to do this exercise on Days 1, 3 and 5 of Week 11 and again in Week 12.

By the end of these exercises, you should both

1 realise things have changed between you both

2 understand that the partnership is beginning to work

3 feel encouraged to continue the progress together.


For Exercise 12 a / 12 b we suggest you use the Future pacing experience to look at either the plan or the destination based on what you think you need to confirm or check. Asking you to make these choices (there is no right answer) helps you begin to own the process and to start to move towards what you can use as an ongoing practice after the 12 weeks is completed.

Remember to take the survey again on Day 7 so you can build your picture of the effect the exercises are having.

If you haven’t yet – please post your scores on Facebook to let others know what to expect.

Useful Links

  • Monkey relationship survey to assess your progress.
  • A recorded version of the exercises for this week’s activity for you to download and use here.
  • Challenge page on Facebook to share your experience and connect with others who are taking the challenge. Misaligned Monkey monitors the Facebook page and will respond to specific questions if possible
  • Exercise 11 The first formal chat

Use this as an ongoing opportunity for dialogue with your Monkey at View Point 3 or you can use the free time at view point three session recorded specifically for this purpose.

Previous Links 

Background reading / Listening – if you have time this week get ahead of the game and listen to this –